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Vermillion to Present on ASPiRA LABS, a New Women's Health Laboratory Specializing in OVA1, at AACC
Booming mobile health app market needs more FDA oversight for consumer safety, confidence
Unhealthy habits more than double risk of metabolic syndrome in childhood cancer survivors
Gender inequalities in health: A matter of policies
Google's Next Frontier: What it Means to be Healthy
UTHealth Dr. Bhavani Iyer awarded low vision grant
Stress tied to change in children's gene expression related to emotion regulation, physical health
National survey from AP-NORC examines perceptions of health care provider quality
Parents rank their obese children as 'very healthy'
Study offers new clues about the source of racial health disparities
Researchers demonstrate health risks posed by 'third hand' tobacco smoke
Expert guidance on hand hygiene in healthcare settings
Donating a kidney may make it difficult to change or initiate life and health insurance
4 lessons for effective, efficient research in health care settings
Obese US firefighters report receiving no weight advice from their health provider
Better use of electronic health records makes clinical trials less expensive
Making a more healthful, low-fat hot dog without giving up texturea
Study looks at how Twitter can be used to address specific health issues
New study shows drinking alcohol provides no heart health benefit
Urban Aboriginal people face unique health challenges
Bacteria found in bladders of healthy women differ from those in women with incontinence
Study finds kidney donation safe for healthy older adults
Health-care worker hand hygiene rates increase three-fold when auditors visible
Poll finds health most common major stressful event in Americans' lives last year
New data shows proprietary calcium and collagen formulation KoACT® superior for bone health
Slim down for the health of it and possibly reduce your hot flashes in the process
Sitting too much, not just lack of exercise, is detrimental to cardiovascular health
Babies born to healthy mums worldwide are strikingly similar in size
The Lancet: New trial suggests cheaper drugs for common heart attack procedure could improve outcomes ...
The Lancet: Sierra Leone researchers call for improved health surveillance and communication around Ebola ...
Health care spending could be reduced by cutting unnecessary blood testing
Effects of conflict on women's reproductive health need to be managed sensitively
Bone marrow fat tissue secretes hormone that helps body stay healthy
Powerful new imaging technology will enable extraordinary gains in bioimaging, health research
'Molecular movies' will enable extraordinary gains in bioimaging, health research
Nutrition screenings should be regular part of geriatric health assessment
Veterans with muscle injuries and mental health conditions more likely to end service
Efforts to cut unnecessary blood testing bring major decreases in health care spending
Smartphone app may revolutionize mental health treatment
New research study shows huge savings for health care
Countdown to 2015 and beyond: Fulfilling the health agenda for women and children
Kids who know unhealthy food logos more likely to be overweight
Global healthcare is a labour of Hercules
Veterans who identify as LGB could benefit from informed mental health services
NNI releases progress review on environmental, health, & safety research
Men and women use mental health services differently
Marriage and healthy hearts
Youth with autism spectrum disorder need better health care transition services
Quidel to Present at Wells Fargo Securities 2014 Healthcare Conference
Bisexual men face unique challenges to their sexual health