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AHRQ grant awarded to study the impact of health IT on patient safety at Montefiore and Einstein and ...
Obesity and stress pack a double hit for health
UTHealth researchers study impact of smoking ban in homeless shelter
Merck Animal Health to market Neogen's dairy genomic program
Survey: Fortune 500 employees can expect to pay more for health insurance
Non-governmental stakeholders to discuss the Global Health Security Agenda
Study provides insight about providing private mental health service to veterans
LSU Health research discovers means to free immune system to destroy cancer
New Dartmouth smartphone app reveals users' mental health, performance, behavior
What Not To Eat: 5 Food Habits That Ruin Healthy Skin, Make You Age Faster
First-ever research study examines impacts of diet and lifestyle on healthy aging
US health system not properly designed to meet needs of patients nearing end of life, says IOM
Healthy humans make nice homes for viruses
Japanese Global Health Fund awards $33.5 million to develop vaccines, drugs for neglected diseases
Freshman girls know how to eat healthy but lack confidence in their ability to do it
George Washington University will hold annual Latino health conference
FDA reminds health care professionals and consumers not to use sterile products from Downing Labs/NuVision ...
Kids exposed to cadmium in dark chocolate - but they'd have to eat a lot to exceed health limits
New technology may uncover the root of critical infections and cut health care costs
Even small stressors may be harmful to men's health, new OSU research shows
Gene patent laws must change to protect Australian healthcare consumers
UTSA and UT Health Science Center partner to bring more nurses into the workforce
Straight Talk: The Future of Medical and Health Research
Mandatory policy boosts flu vaccination rates among health care workers
Patients call for health professionals to discuss care needs in life-threatening illnesses
Boston University Medical Center receives grant funding from Cardinal Health Foundation
Stigma as a barrier to mental health care
New study reveals strong link between higher levels of pollution and lung health of European citizen
The National Reference Laboratory for Breast Health, Inc., a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Atossa Genetics, ...
LSU Health research discovers new therapeutic target for diabetic wound healing
The Lancet: International health systems fund could have averted Ebola outbreak
Study links healthy sleep duration to less sick time from work
Are rising health care costs inevitable?
UTHealth researchers gain insights into severe form of dwarfism
Survey: Number of Texans without health insurance drops under Affordable Care Act
World Health Organization recommends use of p16 IHC to help diagnose high-grade cervical disease
Family history of cardiovascular disease is not enough to motivate people to follow healthy lifestyle
Family dinners good for teens' mental health, could protect from cyberbullying
Training your brain to prefer healthy foods
Evidence mounting that older adults who volunteer are happier, healthier
Atossa Genetics Announces Commercial Partner for Laboratory Services Offered by The National Reference ...
UTHealth researchers find up to 3,000 times the bacterial growth on hollow-head toothbrushes
Pilot program aims to improve cancer screening, specialty care in community health centers
Educated consumers more likely to use potentially unreliable online healthcare information
Lifetime of fitness: A fountain of youth for bone and joint health?
Taking aim at added sugars to improve Americans' health
GoodBelly CEO joins R&D and market research experts to talk digestive health
Surgery to repair a hip fracture reduces lifetime health care costs by more than $65,000 per patient
Illinois scientists work with World Health Organization to fortify condiments, seasonings
Black carbon -- a major climate pollutant -- also linked to cardiovascular health