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Graphene rubber band sensor developed that can monitor body movements and could help revolutionise healthcare
Pacemaker and defibrillator patients with poor health literacy at risk of serious health complications
Survey finds veterans generally satisfied with mental health care
Antibacterial soap exposes health workers to high triclosan levels
Springer announces new book series Healthy Ageing and Longevity
Straight Talk: The Future of Medical and Health Research
In an already stressful workplace, Great Recession's health effects hard to find
'Super-parent' cultural pressures can spur mental health conditions in new moms and dads
UTMB named a World Health Organization Collaborating Center for Vaccine Research
Global public health objectives need to address substance abuse in developing countries
A husband's declining health could put Taiwanese women at risk for health issues
Beating childhood cancer does not make survivors healthier adults
UChicago Medicine and Advocate Health Care receive $1.8M NIH grant for diabetes research
Penn-led expert panel calls for public health research on natural gas drilling
Grand Challenges Canada funds seven new global health innovations in ASEAN countries
Pregnant women and fetuses exposed to antibacterial compounds face potential health risks
UTHealth's Dr. William Margolin named distinguished lecturer for microbiology
Natural light in office boosts health
'Heroes of Chemistry' Developed Products That Improve Health, Electronics, Plasticsa
Graphene has potential to improve health
UTHealth researchers find infectious prion protein in urine of patients with variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob ...
Study shows low uptake of colorectal cancer screening by African Americans in a Veterans Affairs healthcare ...
Healthy diet set early in life
AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Inc. to Participate in Jefferies Boston Healthcare Summit
The interpretation of healthy eating and a curriculum to prevent childhood obesity
Jailed family member increases risks for kids' adult health
Robust FDA oversight needed to ensure consumer safety, confidence in mobile health app market
New bipartisan House bill draws on U-M health research
Birthweight and breastfeeding have implications for children's health decades later
Vermillion to Present on ASPiRA LABS, a New Women's Health Laboratory Specializing in OVA1, at AACC
Google's Next Frontier: What it Means to be Healthy
Booming mobile health app market needs more FDA oversight for consumer safety, confidence
Unhealthy habits more than double risk of metabolic syndrome in childhood cancer survivors
Gender inequalities in health: A matter of policies
UTHealth Dr. Bhavani Iyer awarded low vision grant
Stress tied to change in children's gene expression related to emotion regulation, physical health
National survey from AP-NORC examines perceptions of health care provider quality
Parents rank their obese children as 'very healthy'
Study offers new clues about the source of racial health disparities
Researchers demonstrate health risks posed by 'third hand' tobacco smoke
Expert guidance on hand hygiene in healthcare settings
Donating a kidney may make it difficult to change or initiate life and health insurance
4 lessons for effective, efficient research in health care settings
Obese US firefighters report receiving no weight advice from their health provider
Better use of electronic health records makes clinical trials less expensive
Making a more healthful, low-fat hot dog without giving up texturea
Study looks at how Twitter can be used to address specific health issues
New study shows drinking alcohol provides no heart health benefit
Urban Aboriginal people face unique health challenges
Bacteria found in bladders of healthy women differ from those in women with incontinence