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Basel based 4-Antibody sold to Agenus

Boston based Agenus announced to acquire all of the outstanding stocks of 4-Antibody. The initial payment of $10...[more]


Roche is back in the field of RNA based therapeutics

Three years ago, Roche stepped out of RNA based therapeutics research, a field that has once been believed to be a game...[more]


University of Pennsylvania and Novartis present groundbreaking results at ASH

A few months ago Novartis announced to invest 20 million dollars to license a gene therapy technology from the...[more]


Roche and Molecular Partners close a 1 billion dollar deal

Roche, which has with Kadcyla one of the most advanced anti-body drug conjugates on the market, has entered a...[more]

International News


Chemistry Teacher - Catholic Central High School

2. Organizes and supervises students' laboratory activities for optimal learning.


Medical Device Batteries: Smaller Is Better

Size really does matter in the world of medical device batteries, but the development of smaller designs is forcing manufacturers to overcome a host of technical challenges.


Death of a reagent

Science really does march on, you know. It may spend some time staggering around in circles, and the rate of forward motion varies, but progress does get made.


Title Date Time City
BioValley Stammtisch Freiburg 4/2014 26.08.2014 18:00 DE - Freiburg
Basel Shanghai Business Forum 18.09.2014 09:00–18:00 CH - Basel
Réunion d'Information: Pharma & Techmed: Les grandes tendances marché 22.09.2014 09:00–10:30 FR - Illkirch
Meet & Match: Thème à venir 13.10.2014 will be announced FR - Illkirch
BioValley Treffpunkt Lörrach 4/2014: Biotech Firmen stellen sich vor 15.10.2014 19:00 DE - Lörrach
BioValley Strategy Day 2014: EU funded Research (Lessons to be learned in the trinational BioValley) 23.10.2014 13:30–18:00 CH - Basel
Réunion d'Information: EURTRANSBIO 2014: Quelles opportunités? 30.10.2014 09:00–10:30 FR - Illkirch
BioValley College Day 2014: "Kluge Pflanzen" 07.11.2014 08:45 CH - Basel
BioValley Stammtisch Freiburg 5/2014: "Alsace BioValley" 18.11.2014 18:00 DE - Freiburg
BioValley Companies Day 2014 26.11.2014 08:00–17:00 CH - Basel
Meet & Match: Sur le thème de la Photonique 01.12.2014 09:00–17:00 FR - Strasbourg
BioValley Treffpunkt Lörrach 5/2014: Biotech Unternehmen stellen sich vor 03.12.2014 19:00 DE - Lörrach

About BioValley Basel

BioValley Basel is a Non-Profit organisation. It is the Swiss pillar of the trinational BioValley Initiative.

BioValley Basel aims at:

  • FOSTER a networking and integration platform amongst the Life Sciences Community in the Basel Region
  • ENABLE and FACILITATE an open network, beyond political and geographical boundaries
  • MODERATE and SUPPORT networking activities for the regional Life Sciences Community

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