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Event Review

The Role of Innovation in Building Successful Companies (27 Sept 2017, Basel)

The role of innovation in building successful companies was the 2017 BioValley Basel event followed by over 100 participants. Rodger Novak, CEO and Co-Founder of Crispr Therapeutics (NASDAQ: CRSP) highlighted as key ingredients for innovative and successful companies people and culture, a credible strategy and a fundamental discovery as basis. Deciphering the detailed mechanism of CRISPR-Cas9 in bacteria required connecting what is not readily apparent. Important is also a strong relationship between basic scientist and business and development savvy partners.
Ed Constable, Vice-Rector of the University of Basel presented the innovation initiative at the University Basel with sensitization, capacity building including courses in entrepreneurship, support, resources and a lean organization with a single point of entry. Christoph Esslinger, CEO and Founder of Memo Therapeutics, presented this company, an innovator in Antibody Discovery and Immune Repertoire Analysis. He showed the tremendous progress made in antibody discovery. The Company is also financed by members of the BioValley Business Angels Club (BioBAC).

Our Aim

  • Foster a networking and integration platform amongst the Basel Region Life Sciences Community
  • Enabling and facilitate an open network, beyond political and geographical boundaries
  • Moderate and connect: Content to be defined by the “users”

Part of the trinational BioValley cluster

BioValley Basel is part of the trinational BioValley life sciences cluster extending in the Basel region across borders into France, Germany and Switzerland. It is the leading hot spot in Europe in life sciences and encompasses 40 scientific institutions, 900 companies (incl. 40% of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world), 100'000 students and more than 11 Life Science Parks. A large number of organisations support professional networking with peers from the industry. See our Network page for further detail.

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Membership is open to all interested persons. The annual fee is CHF 20 for individuals, CHF 10 for students and CHF 100 for companies. Members get regular information on the activities. In order to join, please send an e-mail to info@biovalley.ch.

The Articles of Association are here: BioValley Statuten (PDF)







About BioValley


BioValley - The Life Science Network - was founded in 1996. The vision of the founders was to bring together Alsace (France), South Baden (Germany) and Northwestern Switzerland. It was one of the first European initiatives for the promotion and development of life sciences.

The three border regions Alsace, northwest Switzerland and South Baden stood out individually in the mid-90s for their outstanding potential in the field of life sciences:

  • Outstanding scientific facilities (four universities, specialised colleges of higher education, research centres, etc.),
  • Headquarters of global players Novartis and Roche as well as CIBA, Clariant, Lonza and Syngenta,
  • Branches of large pharmaceutical companies, such as DSM, Johnson & Johnson, Eli Lilly, Pfizer, Sanofi-Aventis, DuPont, Amersham and Millipore,

The Cluster

Today, the BioValley cluster compromises three associations (Alsace BioValley, BioValley Deutschland and BioValley Basel) and the BioValley Platform in Germany. Our joint mission:

  • A network of competences and know-how which includes companies, research institutes, universities as well as economic development agencies and public organizations the field of Life Sciences.
  • The BioValley Cluster accompanies businesses and laboratories in the Life Sciences sector looking to innovate, grow or locate in the trinational BioValley region

 See our the links to the Network for further detail.

BioValley Basel

Members of the Board

  • Matthias Staehelin, VISCHER, Basel (President)
  • Nicolas Benedict, CEO, Allecra Therapeutics, F-St. Louis
  • Edwin Constable, Vice-Rector Research, University of Basel
  • Nicholas Franco, EVP, Actelion, Allschwil
  • Neil Goldsmith
  • Rudolf Gygax, Nextech Ventures, Zurich
  • Thomas Möller, BioMed Partners AG, Basel (Treasurer)
  • Peter Räber, Energie Zukunft Schweiz, Basel
  • Zaki Sellam, CEO, Avicenna Oncology GmbH, Basel

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BioValley Basel Association
P.O. Box 1091
CH-4001 Basel
+41 61 271 59 30